E3 2014 Day 0: Sony Press Conference Impressions

by JFlex on

E3 2013 Sony knocked it out of the park with the fan base can they do it again this year? Sadly I’d say no, not this year. Don’t get me wrong there were some great looking games but this was minimized with corporate metrics—business numbers that the suits get frothy over. I’m not interested in how many hours have been logged on the PSN or how many video shares have been made. Just show me the games that make me stamp my foot in frustration in knowing I have to wait till the release date to play them. An odd bit of entertainment came from Sony Computer Entertainment America’s CEO, Shawn Layden with his countless hand gestures.

Sony opened strong with a five minute cinematic of Destiny that morphed into gameplay. The game looks great—as is expected. With this immediately came two announcements, the Destiny Beta begins July 17th and Sony will have a new White PS4 that comes bundled with Destiny. It will come with a 500GB drive, the game and a 30 day PSN Plus membership. There was a bit of look at gameplay for The Order: 1886 which will be released February 20, 2015 with the pre-order incentive of the Knight’s Arsenal DLC for free. A personal favorite is the August release of inFAMOUS: First Light DLC. You play as Fetch as she tries to break out of Curdon Cay prison. This is something that I will absolutely pre-order.

Keeping with the games, we saw From Software’s new game BloodBorne which is coming 2015, looks to be a monstrously good time. Far Cry 4 looked absolutely fantastic. We got to see a bit more than they showed at the Ubi conference. An interesting note for Far Cry 4 is you’ll be able to invite your PSN friends to play even if they don’t have the game. We got to see a hilarious trailer for Dead Island 3 and an exclusive trailer for Battlefront Hardline—did you get in on the beta?

Something that took me completely by surprise was Tim Schaffer’s Grim Fandango will be getting a remaster—how cool is that. Giant Squid is bringing us ABZÛ. I never really know what to make of these guys. The game looks beautiful but what’s the point? You wander around the ocean floor to “encounter majestic creatures”.

No Man’s Sky was one of the final games they showed. It’s a vibrantly colored sci-fi game with the ability to travel to an infinite number of planets according to developer, Hello Games. They also said that each player would start on a unique planet thus giving everyone a different starting experience. No release date was given.

Starting July 31st Playstation Now will be an open beta. PS Now will also be available to select Sony Televisions, all you’ll need is a dual shock 3 controller.

It was about here that Sony brought out Sony Computer Entertainment America’s new CEO Shawn Layden to go over the PSN various metrics. I couldn’t even begin to care and from the silence of the crowd neither did they. I was really starting to fade with the conference. It was getting very long and drawn out. Then came the talks about the Vita and it’s various benefits as well as it’s integration with the PS4’s remote play. Also announced was the full version of Minecraft was coming to the Vita.

From the Vita we moved on to the Playstation TV, which I believe is called Vita TV in Japan? This device will allow you to remote play on another TV in the house as well as give access to Playstation Now. PS TV is priced at $99, probably to stay competitive with Amazon’s Fire TV and Apple TV. You will also be able to get a PS TV bundle which includes, a Dual Shock 3 controller, 8GB Memory card and a lego game.

Brian Michael Bendis from Marvel Comics came out, apparently lost on his way to Comic-Con, to talk about the POWERS show that will be original content available for free to PSN Plus members. The Ratchet & Clank movie trailer was shown and some final game footage from the Remastered The Last of Us, MGS V: The Phantom Pain, Batman: Arkham Knight and the closer was a tease from naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 which was said to have been captured directly from a PS4.

Sony’s conference was long—too long in my opinion. They had some great announcements but then kinda went all Apple with the new products. There was barely a mention of Project Morpheus. Only mention was you could try it out at the booth. I know a lot of people say Sony gets the nod for this years E3 conference day but I think it’s only by a nose to Microsoft. Microsoft’s was short and to the point, staying solely on the games. I know it’s what the had to do since the Xbox One has been struggling graphically and lower in sales to the PS4. Obviously we’ll see in the weeks and months to come as various pre-orders are taken. It will be interesting to see how the PS4 Destiny bundle does in comparison to the Xbox One Titanfall bundle.

That closes day 0 of E3 and now on with the show.


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