#EngramGate: Help push Bungie to fix their engram/loot system in Destiny

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The video game industry is at a weird point these days. With hashtags like #GamerGate or #PS4NoParity spreading across the internet like a wildfire, it doesn’t take much to see that everyone, including the gamers themselves, want a voice. I generally don’t get involved with a collective outcry unless I feel it’s something that WOULD benefit gamers or the gaming community. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do with this article, countless tweets, emails, smoke screens I’ve sent to Bungie and many publications involved in the industry.

The ugly truth

Lets all be honest with ourselves, Destiny’s loot/engram system is massively flawed and it doesn’t reward the player properly, or in some cases, rewards them with an item they can’t even use. 90% of the time, this just happens by chance because that’s how Destiny’s loot system is setup – luck. You could play 5 hours straight through the same strikes and still only have green engrams to show for your time. At the higher levels (20+) this becomes frustrating to the point of questioning why you’re still playing. To their credit, Bungie has made tweaks to the loot system and I do get more items popping out of fallen enemies but they’re mostly green engrams. This is how Bungie rewards the player for playing their game how they want us to play it.

It gets worse

There is another instance where Destiny’s loot system drops/”rewards” an engram of a different class’ armor. These items can not be used, traded, or converted to your class. The only options you have are to store them for a future character of that class you may create or to deconstruct the item and get 25 glimmer and a mote of light (if you’re lucky).

From worse to worst

There is also the occasion where you purchase an Exotic Armor encrypted engram from a merchant named Xur at the tower that needs decrypting at Cryptarch, which then decrypts to a different class’ armor, both rendering the item useless and you annoyed that you even bothered playing this game. Xur is a Merchant that only shows up on weekends and has very steep prices, either taking strange coins or Motes of Light in exchange for his goods. Both are rare currencies and take countless hours of gameplay to accrue. This morning, I decided to spend 23 Motes of Light on such an item and the end result was a different class’ helmet. To give some perspective, 23 Motes of Light probably took around 3 weeks of gameplay to accrue. I’m now stuck with an item that isn’t worth selling and isn’t possible to use with my current class. This is what it’s like to play Destiny at higher levels.

Call to Action

It’s up to gamers to let developers know that this kind of thing isn’t ok. We can do this in various ways but however we choose to do so, we need to stay calm, collected, and respectful. As annoyed, frustrated, and even angry as I was, it is never ok to outwardly attack a person or company. If we want to get respect we need to show it. That being said, I ask all of you to take to twitter, facebook, Google+, reddit, where ever and let Bungie know that this #EngramGate isn’t ok and needs to change.

Places you can direct your comments to bungie:

@Bungie: https://twitter.com/Bungie
@BungieHelp: https://twitter.com/BungieHelp



Reddit (unofficial but I bet they frequent it)


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