We're Teaming Up With Stone Age Gamer!

We're Teaming Up With Stone Age Gamer!

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Check out our inventory over at Stone Age Gamer!

It's been a wild year so far here at Humble Bazooka. I'm extremely proud of what it's grown into as a company from it's hobby roots. We've added roughly 30 new products to our catalog this year alone, including new AV solutions for the Atari Jaguar, Bluetooth adapters for various consoles, and a ton of uniquely designed and 3D prints like our Macro F. 

Orders have also more than doubled since 2021 and we're expanding faster every day. With each passing month, it's getting harder for me to focus on new ideas while also juggling direct sales to customers. This is a good problem to have but even good problems need solutions. This is where Stone Age Gamer comes in!

You may have noticed all of the out of stock items on our website. We're teaming up with Stone Age Gamer to carry most of our products. This means we're moving away from direct fulfillment and/or direct sales to customers. I believe this is a good move for everyone. It will allow me to focus more on new ideas and products while utilizing Stone Age Gamer's robust fulfillment and support. Lastly, having Stone Age Gamer do the fulfillment means more people around the world will be able to purchase my products. They will be able to sell and ship to areas I previously haven't. I'm looking at you my friends in the UK!

I want to thank everyone who has supported us these past few years, especially through the hard times. You are the reason Humble Bazooka has thrived this past year and it pushes me to make better products.

It goes without saying that I'm incredibly excited for the future.

- Doomy

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