Humble Bazooka is a retro-centric 3D printing and custom electronics shop. We design unique accessories for video game consoles and handhelds. We have several years of 3D printing and AutoCAD experience we use to support the retro gaming community. 

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." ~ Marcel Proust

Hello there! My name is Dave and I run Humble Bazooka. Many of you may know me from various scenes I've been involved with over the past 15-20 years. For those who don't, my background is in Front End Development, Design, and electronics. I've been designing in various mediums since 2002 professionally and developing since the '90s. I've always been into electronics and computers as a hobby, and I've modified or repaired a lot of my own consoles over the years. 

In terms of personal landmark projects, my first was probably my PlayStation Pi, a battery powered PS1 shell with a Raspberry pi 2B, flip up LCD screen under the CD door, original controller support, and HDMI as well as composite out through the original connectors. This project was an important milestone because it involved an original idea, coding, and hardware modifications to work. It had tactile switches with LEDs to indicate what video mode it was in. You could switch from HDMI to the internal screw at the press of a button. This was a big kick off point for things to come. 

Sometime in 2017 I bought my first 3D printer, a Prusa MK2. It was a huge learning experience full of highs and lows but nothing worth doing is easy, right? With my MK2, the world of DIY and custom projects blew open for me. Shortly after setting up the MK2, I started to learn AutoCAD. For the next few years, I designed and printed parts for myself and dialed in my AutoCAD and 3D printing knowledge. The designs and parts I created ranged from brackets for holding custom PCBs in projects to more functional designs like my license plate holders for VW GTIs.

My next major milestone incorporated everything I've learned so far in AutoCAD, 3D printing, and electronics. The project was my own custom consolized MV1C Neo Geo. It was probably one of the biggest AutoCAD designs I had worked on to date and one of the longest prints clocking in at around 24hrs. My main focus for this design was to have a very small footprint, RGB, S-Video, composite out, and be able to use Neo Geo controllers with it. I'm very proud of this design and I was told later that my shell inspired the OpenMVS design. How cool is that? 

History of Humble Bazooka

Humble Bazooka started out as a podcast back my brother and I created back in 2014. After 138 episodes, we called it quits due to scheduling and life just getting in the way of recording. Believe it or not, editing audio or audio and video is a huge undertaking. 

Sometime in 2020 I started to convert from a Podcast site into a store front. I offered several of the designs I've worked on over the years like my MNEMO 3DO ODE SD Card relocation bracket and my Resin printed Game Boy Zero Z2 back panel. Eventually, I started to offer more custom electronic projects that I myself wanted for my own consoles like the Jag2GEN AV adapter or JagNet network adapter for the Atari Jaguar.

Present day, I have continued to challenge myself with creating new and unique designs for the community. I started posting my designs on Prusa's so people with their own 3D printer can print off a design. As of this post, my latest products are custom-built Bluetooth adapters for various consoles like the Atari Jaguar, Neo Geo, and PC Engine. These adapters run off an open-source project called BlueRetro, created and maintained by Jacques Gagnon, which I donate a portion of every sale to.

Looking to the future, I hope to grow Humble Bazooka and expand the types of products I manufacture and offer. My core focus hasn't changed since I started Humble Bazooka and I will continue to deliver the best quality prints and designs possible and continue to learn and better my skills along the way.

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