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Game Boy Zero Full Front Bracket Set


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This is a collection of all the front brackets we offer for the Game Boy Zero DMG Shell. You could say it’s our Game Boy Zero bracket swan song. The best part is, we’re offering this at a small discount compared to if you bought all these parts separately!

What you get:

  • “No glue” Screen, “X” and “Y” button bracket, and center Joy-Con analog stick
  • Bottom Joy-Con analog stick bracket
  • Speaker Bracket


  • Allows you to add “X” and “Y” buttons
  • Allows you to add a center Nintendo Switch Joy-Con analog stick
  • Allows you to add a bottom left Nintendo Switch Joy-Con analog stick
  • Adds a speaker bracket allowing you to install and uninstall your DMG speaker
  • Built-in “cut away” drill guides
  • “No glue” other than the brace and anchoring of the screw pads
  • Easy to remove components if something breaks or you want to swap out
  • Built in Joy-Con breakout PCB anchor (sold separately) points

Please note the following is not included but will be needed:

  • Joy-Con Breakout PCB
  • Screws (8 x M1.4mm x 4mm for mounting the analog sticks and Joy-Con Breakout PCB)
  • “X” and “Y” buttons
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons
  • The rest of your Game Boy Zero parts!

This is a made to order item. Aftermarket DMG Shells are basically a copy of a copy of a copy and so on, so it’s difficult to ensure 100% fitment. Some small modifications may be needed to either the bracket or DMG Shell. Typically printed in black or Gray but may vary.

Additional information

Weight .6 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.5 × .4 in

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