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JAG2GEN – Atari Jaguar AV to Genesis Cables


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The Jag2GEN allows you to connect Sega Genesis Model 2 AV cables to your Atari Jaguar. This provides a more common and readily available solution for connecting your Atari Jaguar to an SDTV or HDTV*. The JAG2GEN works great with HD Retrovision cables and upscalers like the OSSC. The Jag2GEN helps you get the best picture quality from your Atari Jaguar.


  • Supports Genesis Model 2 AV cables including Composite, RGB Scart**, and HD Retrovision Component cables (recommended)
  • Allows you to use an OSSC or RetroTINK to upscale for better video quality
  • Sync (cysnc) is properly attenuated for safe usage
  • Output voltage is regulated to 5v for RGB televisions and upscalers like the OSSC
  • Professionally assembled and custom designed PCB
  • Uniquely designed 3D printed enclosure with blue logo color scheme
  • Fits the back of the Jaguar without obstructing the Serial IO Link (DSP Port)
  • New updated shell adds rigidity to the connection with the Jaguar

Technical information and troubleshooting

*Some modern HDTVs aren’t able to display the native resolution of the Atari Jaguar (240p). This is not a limitation of the Jag2GEN but rather your TV. To use your Atari Jaguar on a TV that does not support 240p signal, we recommend using a scan converter / upscaler like an OSSC.

**Some Scart cables use csync, while others use Composite on Sync, and most filter the RGB signals. If you plan to use a Scart cable with the Jag2GEN, you may need to modify the cable to work properly with the Atari Jaguar as they weren’t intended to be used with the Sega Genesis. This isn’t a limitation of the Jag2GEN but rather how your Genesis Scart cable was originally intended to be used.

Original circuit designed by Helder Silva

Additional information

Weight 1.25 oz
Dimensions 2.2 × 1.7 × 1 in

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