Splatoon 2 Review

Where does a person start when talking about Splatoon? One could easily go for the bright colors, something depressingly absent in many games in the Shooter genre. Others could talk about the off-the-wall premise of the entire game. Who even knew they wanted to be a Squid/Kid before they picked up the game? With the …

Posted on Aug 1, 2017

Firewatch Review

Firewatch is a mystery adventure game from Campo Santo that takes place in the Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming in 1989. You play as Henry (voiced by Rich Sommer), a middle aged guy who takes a job as a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness to get away from the troubles of his normal life. Your …

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Note: This review focuses on the remaster more so than the original Uncharted gameplay, which we all know was already great to begin with. It’s almost two years since this generation of consoles were released and we’ve seen our fair share of remastered last-gen games. It’s become a comedic act that everyone knows the punch line …

Posted on Oct 13, 2015

The Order: 1886 Review

The Order: 1886 is an alternate history set in Victorian England. King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table still exist, referred to as “The Order”. These men and women have a way to prolong their lives to survive for centuries, thanks to the Holy Grail fountain that contains “Blackwater”. There’s a Dooby Brothers joke in …

Posted on Mar 3, 2015

Destiny Review

Destiny has been out for a few weeks now and I have taken my time with this review for several reasons. One being that I can’t properly review a multi layered 30+ hrs game in a few days let alone a week. So I’ve taken my time, leveled up my Guardian, suited up with a …

Posted on Sep 26, 2014

P.T. Review

Let’s be honest right up front: P.T. was never meant to be anything more than just a “Playable Teaser”. It’s gameplay, themes, and/or content are not an indication of what we’ll see in the next Silent Hill game. Although, I hope we see most of these things in the final game because P.T. was a …

Posted on Aug 19, 2014

Murdered Soul Suspect Review

I want to preface this review with one fact: I like story driven mystery/puzzle games so take what I say here with that fact in mind. Your mileage will definitely vary if you’re not a fan of that genre. There are no guns, grenades, knives, or any other kind of weapon in Murdered Soul Suspect …

Posted on Jun 5, 2014

Watch Dogs Review

This was one of those games that when I first laid eyes on it during the E3 reveal, I immediately knew I needed to have it. Then the delays hit, but I was still okay with that because I’d rather a game get delayed if that means bugs will be worked out, glitches fixed and …

Posted on Jun 3, 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

After the events of Wolfenstein, the Nazis have developed technology that could win them the war. The Allied forces, including the main character William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, mount a massive raid against a Nazi laboratory to stop General Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse and the Nazis dead in their tracks. Things don’t go well, B.J. and his allies …

Posted on May 25, 2014

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