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About Humble Bazooka

Humble Bazooka started out as a news and podcasting website by gamers who needed a sounding board to vent about the industry and praise the games we love. We pressed the pause button on our Podcast back in 2019 due to life just getting in the way! Even though we no longer post regular news, reviews, or Podcasts we’re still gaming regularly.

A website for and run by gamers

We’ve been gaming since the early ’80s and love everything from the original Nintendo NES to the current generation of consoles and PCs. These days we are very Retro-Centric and spend most of our time trying to extend the life of older consoles and handhelds.

Humble Bazooka Shop

In 2020, we decided to open up a small amount of unique products for sale. Most products are created and designed by Doomy Doomer.

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