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Saturn BT – Bluetooth Adapter for the Sega Saturn

Saturn BT – Bluetooth Adapter for the Sega Saturn

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The Saturn BT is a Bluetooth Adapter that allows you to connect various Bluetooth devices to your Sega Saturn. This includes PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, Switch Joy-Cons, 8BitDo (Bluetooth only) and other Bluetooth controllers.

The Saturn BT runs on the incredible BlueRetro platform by Jacques Gagnon. A portion of each sale is donated to Jacques to further support the platform.


  • Use various Bluetooth devices with your Sega Saturn
  • Mouse and Keyboard support
  • Analog mode for games like Nights Into Dreams
  • Can act as a Multitap
  • Assign Turbo to any button with varying speeds
  • Very low latency, comparable to “2.4Ghz” devices (varies based on controller being used)
  • Remap any button
  • User updatable via web browser
  • Injection molded shell