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Game Boy Zero Screen And Button Bracket

Game Boy Zero Screen And Button Bracket

This item is no longer available

This is a “no glue” bracket for DMG Shells. The only glue you’ll need is to affix the top brace that holds the bracket, buttons, and screen in place. The rest is held together using the original DMG shell screw posts and whatever board you’re using. This bracket works great with Kite Retro’s Circuit Sword.


  • Allows you to add “X” and “Y” buttons (buttons not included)
  • Built-in “cut away” drill guides
  • “No glue” other than the brace
  • Easy to remove components if something breaks or you want to swap out

Colors may vary but typically printed in black.

Aftermarket DMG Shells are basically a copy of a copy of a copy and so on, so it’s difficult to ensure 100% fitment. Some small modifications may be needed to either the bracket or DMG Shell.