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PS2 2.5″ HDD SATA Kit Bracket

PS2 2.5″ HDD SATA Kit Bracket

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Use this bracket to secure a 2.5″ HDD to a SATA Kit converted PS2 Network Adapter. This bracket works with the “ABitTop.com” and like SATA Kits on the market.


  • Works in the original PS2 model that supports Hard Drives
  • Secures a 2.5″ drive to a SATA converted PS2 Network Adapter
  • A unique (optional) brace helps install the SATA kit as well as offer a stronger┬áconnection to the PS2 Network Adapter
  • Fills the full width of the PS2’s HDD bay and is held in place by the Network Adapter’s bolts just like the original 3.5″ IDE Drive
  • Supports the original “ABitTop.com” SATA kit as well as others on the market

Assembly Video