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JagAIOA – Atari Jaguar All-In-One Analog


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The JagAIOA is an Analog Audio & Video “all-in-one” adapter for your Atari Jaguar. It allows you to connect standard S-Video, Composite, Stereo Audio, and Genesis Model 2 cables (for RGB) to your Jag. RGB out will work great with HD Retrovision cables just like our Jag2GEN adapter.


Q) Why are you “blocking” the DSP port? 
A) The JagAIOA isn’t actually blocking the DSP connector but rather it’s using it for the RGB line. One of the main benefits of using the DSP port is the possibility of using, and powering, a Rad2X without the need for external power. This reduces the possibility of cheap external power bricks introducing noise in your video feed.

Q) Ok but what if I want to use the JagNet with the JagAIOA?
A) The JagAIOA is not compatible with network adapters… BUT that’s why we make two other adapters for people looking for either RGB (Jag2GEN) or S-Video & Composite (JagSVC).

Q) What will the RGB pinout be?
A) The RGB socket is a 9-pin Mini-DIN and the pinout is identical to the Genesis Model 2 AV pinout just like our Jag2GEN adapter. This allows you to use any Genesis Model 2 AV cable even if you’re just looking for Composite video or the amazing HD Retrovision cables for RGB.

Q) I have Sega Genesis Model 2 SCART CSYNC cables, will those cables work with the JagAIOA?
A) Yes! In fact, the JagAIOA brings the Atari Jaguar’s CSYNC line down to match the Genesis Model 2’s CSYNC TTL level. This means the JagAIOA takes full advantage of CSYNC SCART cables. Just make sure you’re using quality SCART cables which should have a 470ohm resistor and 220uf capacitor on the SYNC line for proper 75ohm compliance!

Technical information and troubleshooting

Product appearance, prices, and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in
Video Out

RGBs (9-pin Mini-DIN), S-Video, Composite Video, Analog Stereo Audio


YES, CSYNC cables require a 470 ohm resistor and 220 uf capacitor

Power Output

5v 1a – 1.2a (RGB socket only)


L 3 13/16" x W 2 1/8" x H 7/8"

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