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JagAIOA Plus – All-In-One Analog With JagNet

JagAIOA Plus – All-In-One Analog With JagNet

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The JagAIOA Plus is an all-in-one Analog Audio & Video plus network adapter for your Atari Jaguar. It allows you to connect standard S-Video, RCA Composite Video & Stereo Audio, and Genesis Model 2 AV cables (HD Retrovision, Scart, Composite, etc) to your Jaguar. The JagAIOA Plus also has a built in JagNet (JagLink), which can be toggled off allowing you to boot RetroHQ’s Game Drive.

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  • Redesigned 3D printed shell with smaller footprint
  • RGB Amp boosts the RGB signals bringing them up to Genesis standards and brightening up the picture when used with properly built Genesis 2 Scart cables
  • Safely output dual composite at the same time
  • Slightly cleaner composite video when compared to non-amped version
  • Less noise when using a scaler like the RetroTink 5x
  • Onboard JagNet (JagLink) for networking
  • Networking works with RetroHQ’s Game Drive flash cartridge
  • On / Off switch allowing you to boot RetroHQ’s Game Drive
  • RGB(S) out through a Genesis Model 2 9-pin mini DIN (see technical information for info regarding CSYNC)
  • S-video out
  • RCA Composite Video and Stereo Audio
  • No additional power source needed

How to use with RetroHQ’s Game Drive:

  1. With the Jaguar turned off, slide the JagAIOA Plus switch to the off position
  2. Boot up the Game Drive and start the game you want to play
  3. Once the game is booted, slide the JagAIOA Plus switch to the on position for network support.