Jag2GEN Replacement "Long Barrel" Shell
Jag2GEN Replacement "Long Barrel" Shell
Jag2GEN Replacement "Long Barrel" Shell


Jag2GEN Replacement "Long Barrel" Shell

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This replacement Jag2GEN shell has been designed to reduce sagging when cables are plugged into it. Though the original Jag2GEN is perfectly fine, this redesign is intended for people worried about any heavy cables being plugged into their Jaguar. It also comes in various colors!

What you get:

  • Top Jag2GEN "Long Barrel" shell
  • Bottom Jag2GEN "Long Barrel" shell
  • "Jag2GEN" lettering (comes preinstalled)

PLEASE READ: There are two versions of this replacement shell. Please use the image below to identify your current Jag2GEN shell in order to make your selection:

If you have v1, select "Jag2GEN Shell v1" under "version". If you have v2, select "Jag2GEN Shell v2" under "version".

Jag2GEN adapter not included. Jag2GEN v1 shell screws not included (use the original screws). DOES NOT WORK WITH THE LATEST JAG2GEN (V3)

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