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Jag2HD – Atari Jaguar HDMI Adapter

Jag2HD – Atari Jaguar HDMI Adapter

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The Jag2HD is a simple plug and play solution for playing your Atari Jaguar on a modern HDTV in upscaled 720p. No other adapters needed. Just plug in the Jag2HD, HDMI cable, and power on your Jaguar. It’s that simple. In addition to HDMI out, the Jag2HD also outputs amplified RGB, Composite video, Stereo Audio, and S-Video.


  • Plug and Play
  • No expensive upscaler needed for modern TVs
  • Analog RGB to Digital HDMI upscaled to 720p
  • Amplified RGB, Composite Video, and Stereo Audio out through a single 9-pin mini DIN (Genesis 2 style)
  • S-Video Out
  • Side mounted HDMI port to accommodate the Jaguars length and shallow entertainment shelves
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9
  • Works with Jaguar GameDrive

Note to PAL users without a 60hz switch installed. Due to how the Jag2HD handles 50hz signals, there is some truncating of the image which may cause some cropping of the games content.