Playstation VR Impressions

This article is an ongoing outline of my experiences with the Playstation VR. I will be periodically updating it moving forward. [Update on 10/18 @ 1:20AM ET] Sony’s Playstation VR has been out for a few days now and I’ve read both positive and negative impressions of Sony’s brave new leap into mainstream VR. Many praise the Playstation VR’s price point …

Posted on Oct 17, 2016

Welcome to the New (and Possibly Buggy) Humble Bazooka!

You may have noticed things look a little different around here lately… Blanco and I started Humble Bazooka back in March of 2014 with only a pair of headsets and MacBook Pros. We knew we wanted to make a show about games for gamers like us – no fluff and mostly fart jokes. So here we are …

Posted on Apr 22, 2016

The Writing on the Wall

I get asked a lot about my opinion on Destiny as a game, an “MMO”, and as a told story. If you follow our podcast or have read anything I’ve ever written about Destiny, you already know I’m a bit critical about it. That critique has morphed into many things yet I still play the …

Posted on Jan 7, 2015

PSN is down and this is what I’m playing

As many of you gamers out there know, PSN and XBL (was) are down thanks to the “hacker” group, Lizard Squad. No doubt many of you have stacks of games collecting christmas dust waiting to be explored. Quite frankly, it sucks…  At first I was bummed I couldn’t play all these new games I just got …

Posted on Dec 27, 2014

Happy Holidays from Humble Bazooka

2014 is coming to a close in the next few weeks and I wanted to take a moment and look back over the past year here at Humble Bazooka. It’s our first year as a video game podcast and we’ve learned a lot like using a PX4 Turtlebeach headset is an absolute joke for podcasting, Garage …

Posted on Dec 22, 2014

#EngramGate: Help push Bungie to fix their engram/loot system in Destiny

The video game industry is at a weird point these days. With hashtags like #GamerGate or #PS4NoParity spreading across the internet like a wildfire, it doesn’t take much to see that everyone, including the gamers themselves, want a voice. I generally don’t get involved with a collective outcry unless I feel it’s something that WOULD …

Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Twitch.tv: Destiny, 8:30 EDT Tonight!

Thanks for watching, this feeds done! Till next time. Doomy’s Feed: JFlex’s Feed: Grim’s Feed:

Posted on Sep 26, 2014

Live: We’re Playing Destiny [update: and we’re done!]

Update: And we’re done! Watch live video from Doomy_Doomer on www.twitch.tv

Posted on Sep 12, 2014

Destiny: First Look Alpha Impressions

The first thing I recognized when starting the Destiny First Look Alpha was Bungie’s signature top notch presentation and sound production. That’s not to say Destiny’s presentation is more of the same, quite the contrary. Destiny’s UI is very clean and unique and as you move the reticle around the screen to select items, those …

Posted on Jul 4, 2014

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